Offside on the road with the Tour de France 2014

Offside’s Si Cling was at the roadside to snap the riders as they rushed towards London on the second day of the Tour de France 2014, but don’t worry. This professional photographer took his shots from a safe vantage point outside of the danger zone of sharp handlebar edges, sprinting cyclists and oblivious selfie hunters.

Yet the fans lining the way into the capital were a highlight. As was the case in Yorkshire, the local enthusiasts and travelling fanatics made for an electric atmosphere as the peloton drew near.

Costumes, comedy and even a reference to a surreal 80’s Horror movie about a murderous, self-aware  ventriloquist’s dummy only added to the spectacle.

Look out for more images and blogs from the Offside team as this summer of sport continues into the autumn and beyond!

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Author: gregianjohnson

Football writer for The Blizzard, FourFourTwo, The Mirror, Squawka and VICE amongst others. Follow me on Twitter at @gregianjohnson.

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