Unbelievable, Geoff! The weird world of ex-Arsenal players turned managers

Being old enough to have photographed Brian McDermott and Ian Allinson back in the day when they were players for Arsenal, I refuse to accept that the men now masquerading as football managers under their names are indeed the same people.

Brian McDermott: manager
Brian McDermott: manager
Brian McDermott: player.
Brian McDermott: player.

I just about bought that the ex-Reading and Leeds manager had made the transition, but today at Meadow Park I photographed a middle aged geezer on the touchline who I’m now told by Google is Ian Allinson. No amount of eye rubbing in disbelief made it seem any more feasible.

With the new season approaching, and the managerial merry-go-round always looking for more of the faces of yesterday to throw into the mix, I’m now readying myself for seeing the five foot three inch frame of Niall Quinn patrolling the touchline next.

And what if we’d started seeing Charlie Nicholas pop up in some football league dugouts up and down the country? This is how he’d be looking by now.


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Author: gregianjohnson

Football writer for The Blizzard, FourFourTwo, The Mirror, Squawka and VICE amongst others. Follow me on Twitter at @gregianjohnson.

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